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Our Products:
We offer Personal loans, Consolidation loans & Bridging finance

Our loan amounts range from R2000 to R150 000
Secured debt consolidation loans for home owners
Investment policy loans and buy outs.
The loan amount, repayment period and interest rate you qualify for is based on your individual risk profile. A quotation will be provided to you containing all this information which you can choose to accept or reject at your own discretion.

Responsible lending:
As per NCR regulations all credit providers need to conduct a proper credit vetting and affordability assessments to protect against reckless lending and to safe guard the consumer against over-indebtedness. We fully comply with these practices and will deal with all applications in such manner.

I (the consumer) hereby grant Finance Wizard and its selected affiliates to conduct a credit check from any credit bureau or 3rd party data base as reasonably required for the purposes of this application and products.

The Finance Wizard difference:
We will notify you via sms regardless of the outcome of your application.
All credit providers are registered with the NCR for your protection.
You have access to multiple credit providers & products
10 years of industry experience with thousands of clients helped.
Our main goal is the act in the interests of the consumer at all times.

Impact on your credit score:
Applying for a loan with the Finance Wizard will have a minimal impact on your credit score. We will only conduct a credit check if your application meets certain basic Criteria for the various loan providers.

For security reasons the consumer agrees to the following:
I.P address being tracked and recorded
Location being tracked and recorded
other information that will be related to this application

All online forms are hosted on secure servers (SSL) to prevent fraud and information theft. The Finance Wizard will NOT share and distribute your personal information to any 3rd party other then the loan companies themselves.
Implications of applying for or taking out a loan:
We aim to supply a superior service that offers the consumer the best possible chance of securing finance.
It is always best to be honest in your credit applications are this will safe guard you in the future for over-indebtedness. If in the event you feel you cannot afford your monthly payments it’s always best to contact your creditor first and negotiate or payment plan until you are able to resume normal payments. If you find that even this has failed and you are still unable to make monthly payments then you may want to consider going under debt-review, this is only recommended in extreme cases where you cannot pay any of your accounts and you are at risk losing your assets.

Your credit status:
Your credit status is one of the most important things that one needs to take care of in his or hers life. A good credit status can be the difference between a good or bad quality of life. Our “DIY Credit Fix Toolkit  and Consumer Credit Report will be you insights and methods on how to maintain your credit standing. Unforeseen circumstances such as retrenchment, disability, major injuries, medical conditions and economic conditions can cause a person to have a loss of income and this can be quite daunting. If you find yourself in these kind of situation and not able to pay your accounts it is always best to contact your credit or and explain your situation.

Finance Wizard is registered company in the boarders of South Africa whom specialize in the facilitation, procurement guidance of applying for a loan. With our extensive industry knowledge we make applying for credit as easy as possible for you the consumer. We also assist you through the entire process and offer step by step guidance to you. We DO NOT pass on your information to any 3rd party other then the credit provider themselves. Our staff and Directors have been adequately been trained and we have 10 years of industry experience. We also work together with key industry members and loan providers to bring you a more effective and up to date loan product by addressing the needs of our consumers who are otherwise unheard.

All information expressed in this website and any material provided has been researched as accurately as possible. The law in itself is constantly changing all the time and we will try our best to maintain such standing whilst also maintaining that such laws that are deemed old and counter productive are taken up in the best interests of all parties involved. The Finance Wizard will not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may arise from the use of such information and services that is provided on this website or any other form of communication. While all efforts have been made to ensure accuracy this information is purely for guide purposes and use of such information is at the sole discretion of the consumer.

Company details:
Trading name: Finance Wizard
Registered Name: DVR Corporation (Pty) Ltd
Address: 70 Brakfontein road, Thatchfields, Centurion, Pretoria, 0157
Tel: 087 808 6312

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