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Rates and fees
All applications done are within full NCR guidelines and all credit providers are registered lenders as such as related fee's and interests are as prescribed below.

Before signing any contract or in the event that any contract is accepted by you we or the loan provider will provide a quotation which will include detailed information such as the interest rate you are being charged , the monthly service fee , the monthly insurance cost and initiation fee as well as the total monthly installment payable and the total repayment of all installments . You then have the option the accept or decline this quote at your own discretion.

Our credit providers typically charge the following :

Interest rate for short term loans ( 3 - 6 months )  - 5% per a month
Interest rate for long term loans - Between 31 % - 32.10 % per a Year
An initiation fee of R150 per a credit credit plus 10 percent of the loan amount but to never exceed R1000
Monthly service fee is R57 including Vat
Monthly insurance premium - This may vary from the different credit providers , credit providers may make insurance compulsory when taking a loan.

You may use this information above to calculate an estimated installment on any loan amount you wish to borrow.