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When are forced to spend to spend more cash than you have budgeted  this is not a good feeling .  Like everything in life noting ever goes the way you planned and up expected things happen all the time .Whether its a family member or spouse passing away ,  your vehicle breaking down or you or you spouse become fatally ill one can never really knows when these things will happen . While a death policy will help you out in your time of need all the other unexpected things in life is not always covered by a  policy .  One of the last resorts one has to go to is taking out a personal loan .  While most banks offer personal loans and competitive interest rates when you find yourself blacklisted or have a poor credit record getting a loan from a bank is a tricky situation indeed . Luckily there are companies out there that offer blacklisted loans meaning evening if you have a poor credit record you can get a loan . One of these companies is Finance Wizard ,  while we cannot help every single client that applies as we have to follow certain guidelines as per NCR regulations which safe guards you the client against fraud and over indebtedness .   When most banks have rejected you because you are blacklisted or have defaults we at the finance wizard can assist you with a blacklisted personal loan .

Getting a cash loan from the finance wizard is not a hard task . We offer a step by step service and will assist with the whole process of getting a blacklisted loan . The amount you qualify for a is determined by your salary and current expenses .While most  companies have a minimum income allowance of R2500 you will find that people earning much more then  this often qualify for less . These many factors involved when taking out a personal loans  .  The main facers are affordability , credit score , payment profile and the number of judgments/defaults that you have against you name all with equal importance when applying for any kind of personal loan . Online  loans for people with bad credit in south Africa is now a simple and easy task and the Finance Wizard is here to make that task as simple as possible for you .  our online loans make it the most simple and easy task to get a personal loan and all you need to do is complete our online application for us to pre-qualify you .   No documents are needed up front and only once you are approved then the standard documents will be required .

While some companies advertise that they offer no credit check loans , this is not true as any company found recklessly lending can have they licence revoked or the clients loans written off as in the event the customer does pay . Personal loans for bad credit is something at least 60% of the south African population are looking for . Banks will not even look at your application if you are blacklisted
. Lucky if you are person that is need of a loan for people with bad credit we at the  finance wizard are here to help you . A loan with bad credit sould never be a up hill battle so why not apply today by completing the form above .  I hope this blog helps you understand better and for any further information please complete the contact us page .
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