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Frequently asked questions
Who we cannot assist ?

Self employed people
Clients under debt review, Administration order , sequestration or declared insolvent
Temporary workers
Sub contractors
Commission only earners
Salary paid in Cash

Which banks can we assist ?
We only assist clients whom bank with :
Standard Bank
First National Bank
Absa Bank
First National Bank
Capitec Bank
SA Bank of Athens

Other then these Banks we cannot assist any other banks.

what is your age requirement ?

You need to be between the ages of 18 and 65
We cannot assist clients over the age of 65.

How long do I need to be employed ?

You need to be permanently employed for a minimum of 3 months and over
If you are on a contract it must have a start and end date.

Can I apply if my salary goes into someone else's account ?

No , your salary must be paid into an account that is under your own name.
Only if the account is in both you and your spouses name then this will be accepted
Example : Mr A & Mrs B Smith .

Will I qualify if I am blacklisted ?

The short answer is yes , We do assist clients with Judgments and defaults and have helped thousands however all applications still need to meet a certain Criteria as only so many judgments/defaults are allowed and you also need to meet a certain credit score and other Criteria as per NCR guidelines.

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