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Bad credit personal loans
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Information article : Bad credit personal loans
If you are looking for a bad credit personal loan , getting these kinds loans is fairly easy and they are many companies that exist in all cities of South Africa and they are also plenty of companies available online .We at the Finance Wizard offer the convenience of online services and all our application processes are done via fax/email . Getting a from a private company is also fairly easy and the requirements are less strict . If you want to get a normal personal loan and have bad credit this can be a little difficult as banks are very strict when applying for this kind of bad credit personal loan. Getting a loan for people with bad credit is a simple process when applying with the Finance Wizard and most companies that offer online loans can give you an answer in a very short space of time.

Getting an individual loan with bad credit becomes sticky when you have lots a judgments and defaults. A blacklisted loan is tricky for companies because they have to comply with NCR regulations and any company found recklessly lending can find them self in big trouble. This will help you to establish what sort of loan could be best for you. Its possible to get an unsecured personal loan if you have bad credit but this also depends on how bad your credit is. Now if you applied for secure and used you house,car or valuable assets as surety this is much easier and even if you credit is very bad you can still qualify. Some companies offer bad credit home loans to blacklisted people and you can use this second bond as debt consolidation loans. The repayment periods on these types of loans are like a normal bond of 10, 15 or 20 years. In some cases to you not even qualify for a bond if you are under debt review, admin order or sequestration .

People who are under debt review or administration cannot apply for a second bond even if they own a property or try to do a debt consolidation this will not help as per NCR regulations companies are not allowed to give loans to people under any kind of debt restructure . One should choose carefully before going under any kind of debt restructure as this can hinder one's chances of qualifying for various credit facility such as personal loans, credit cards, car finance and so on .Beware though using your house a surety and failing to pay will result in you loosing you house. So once you have cleared yourself out of debt be sure to keep your name good. There are steps to follow if you want to clear you name first option is unsecured or secured debt consolidation loan a. Both of these processing have pros’ and cons to it but in the end both can help you get out of a real bad financial problem. Getting a blacklisted loan in south Africa or personal loans with bad credit is now a very easy process due to the fact that you have Brokers who do all the work for you .We at Finance Wizard facilitate to entire application process from start to end.Simply complete our quick and easy online application form.  Getting an online loan is as simple as typing an email and that's all basically all takes. Companies like the finance wizard take you step by step through the whole process.
Although rates a slightly higher with private lenders this due to the high risk they carry due to the fact that you have poor credit.  Although they are higher then banks they are still affordable as all financial providers or governed by the NCR .

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